Configuration/Programming BBS01, BBS02 and BBSHD

To modify the settings of your Bafang mid-drive motor controller, you might require our Zeekpowa programming cable and Programming Config Tool Files.

 to download related files, which include:


  • Programming cable driver for win7/win10: 

Install it first then connect the cable to the computer.

  • Controllerstsudu.exe:

To start the program, parameters of Basic, Pedal Asist and Throttle Handle can be adjusted.

  • Programming Instruction:

A detailed explanation of what all the parameters represent of Controllerstsudu.exe.

  • BAFANG Display MANUAL for C18/C961/800S/DM05/DM06

Please Note: Reprogramming your drive may void the warranty depending on who your vendor is.

For more detailed advice on programming content, please refer to:

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