Zeekpowa Brand Story

The brand story of Zeekpowa electric bicycle is full of love for environmental protection and innovation. It is not just an electric bicycle, but also a reflection of life attitude and environmental awareness. By providing environmentally friendly, convenient and stylish travel methods, Zeekpowa encourages people to contribute to environmental protection and create a better future together.



In 2018, our operations expanded significantly with the establishment of our own assembly plant situated in Slovakia. With our R&D headquarters based in China and our marketing and technical support center strategically located in Germany, we are able to swiftly deliver effective solutions tailored to each customer's needs. Over the past three decades, we have remained deeply committed to the bicycle industry, actively driving technological innovation and fostering the development of the electric bicycle sector.



Drawing upon nearly four decades of expertise in independent research and development, we boast a seasoned team of professionals dedicated to crafting exceptional designs. Our powerful design team ensures that each bike's unique features are showcased flawlessly, providing you with an unparalleled visual experience.